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Fan Coils Units

FW Wall Fan Coil Units

FW - Wall Fan Coil Units

Fan section including 1 tangential fan directly coupled to the electric motor.
Mounted on elastic and anti vibration supports. Fan section statically and
dynamically balanced, extra silent fan, designed to realize high airflow with
low revolutions number.
Electric motor has 3 speeds, provided with heat protection (Klixon), running
capacitor permanently switched on, IP 42, Class B, electric cables protected
by double insulation.
Manufactured according to the international standards, 230V – 1 Ph – 50Hz.

Air filter easy to remove, made of high efficiency polypropylene NAN cellular
fabric net. Can be regenerated by water wash, blowing, suction.

Electronic card with microprocessor with different functions adjustable with
infrared remote control.
Water low temperature feeler included.
The Terminal board is provided with additional outputs to eventually
control a 230V on/off electrovalve (2 or 3 way) + contacts for remote on/off
of the unit. Control panel inside the unit with on/off switch supply + Emergency
switch + 3 Led with indications of operating and alarms.