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Fan Coils Units

FCS - Casette Fan Coil Units

FCS - Casette Fan Coil Units

Panel beautiful, smart, modern styled, well proportioned smoothed outline to
perfectly match with any interior decoration.
Made of ABS, it is very resistant to corrosion, rust and environmental agents.
White RAL 9010 colour. A patented® device allow an easy and fast installation
of the covering panel, eliminating all the typical inconveniences occurring in
these systems.

Central air intake grill + N° 4 sides air supply fins manually adjustable
enabling an optimal diffusion of the air in the 4 directions.

Bearing structure made of extremely thick galvanized steel-sheet + Internal
thermo-acoustic insulation (class M1). External brackets on the 4 corners for
an easy fixing to the roof. N° 01 hole Ø 67 mm for optional external air intake
by a circular duct and N° 02 holes Ø 180 mm for optional ducts application
for treated air delivery in near environment.

Drain pan made of Polystyrene, made in one piece (without dangerous
junctions). Provided with drainpipe Ø 31,5 mm.

Condensate pump including floater and not-return valve avoiding frequent
on/off. Static pressure = 1m ; 230V – 1Ph – 50Hz.

Coil made of copper pipes and aluminium fins fixed by mechanical expansion.
Coil connections provided with manual air vent valve.
Working with water temperature limit 80°C.

Fan section including 1 centrifugal fan with single air inlet. Fan made of ABS,
specially designed for this application, directly coupled to the electric motor.
Mounted on elastic and anti vibration supports. Fan section statically and
dynamically balanced, extra silent fan, designed to realize high air flow with
low revolutions number.
Electric motor provided with heat protection (Klixon), running capacitor
permanently switched on, IP 42, Class B, electric cables protected by double
Manufactured according to the international standards, 230V – 1 Ph – 50Hz.

Air filter easy to remove, made of high efficiency polypropylene NAN cellular
fabric net. Can be regenerated by water wash, blowing, suction.

Electrical equipment: standard, Terminal board to connect the unit to wired
remote control (the remote control is an accessory).
Is also available the accessory “Electronic card mounted on the unit + Receiver
+ Infrared Remote Control” .