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Fan Coils Units

UTA - Average Terminal Units

UTA - Average Terminal Units

Bearing structure (= Main casing) made of extremely thick steel-sheet resistant
to rust, corrosion, chemical agents, solvents, aliphatics and alcohols.
Available a very large range of versions, as the unit can be composed by different
sections suitable to make any composition and configuration.
Versions (= main casings) available:
D : Economic versions - concealed only, made of galvanized steel
Single skin panel made of galvanized steel with wall/ceiling fixing holes on
the bearing structure + Internal thermo-acoustic insulation (class M1), with
external edges and screws (= concealed only !).
• F : Versions “with cabinet”, made of galvanized steel
Single skin panel made of galvanized steel + Internal thermo-acoustic insulation
(class M1).
• H : Versions “with cabinet”, made of pre-painted steel
Single skin panel made of pre-painted steel white RAL 9002 colour + Internal
thermo-acoustic insulation (class M1).
• K : Versions “with cabinet”, made of double skin panel
Sandwich panel: internal galvanized steel + Glass fibre + external pre-painted
steel white RAL 9002 colour.

Drain pan with drainpipe Ø 30 mm + heat insulation (class M1).

Coil with high efficiency (Turbolenced Fins with a high number of Reynolds) made
of copper pipes and aluminium fins fixed by mechanical expansion.
Standard connections on the right side; on request (no additional charge)
connections on the left side, anyway can be easily reversed even on working site.
1 coil (available 2R , 3R and 6R) for a 2-pipe system.
2 coils (3R+2R) for a 4-pipe system.

Fan section including 1 or 2 centrifugal fans with double air inlet aluminium
blades (forward curved fins) directly coupled to the 1 or 2 electric motor. Mounted
on elastic and anti vibration supports. Fans statically and dynamically balanced.
Extensive diameter fans (= high air flow and high static pressure) with low
revolutions (= low noise level).
Electric motor has 3 speeds, provided with heat protection (Klixon), running
capacitor permanently switched on, IP 42, Class B, electric cables protected by
double insulation. Available 2 different motor type:
• 6 poles (max 900 RPM): lower static pressure, but extremely silent
• 4 poles (max 1400 RPM): higher static pressure, but more noisy
Manufactured according with the international standards, 230V – 1Ph – 50Hz.

"Mammoth" type terminal board (min. 7 poles: 1 Ground + 3 speed + 1
Common + 2 for Bridge) installed outside the unit.

Clear unit outlets (air intake and air supply), without any grill/protection.
WARNING: it is prohibited to make the unit operate if both unit outlets are not
ducted or protected by grills or safety net (available as accessories on request:
grills, panels, plenum, etc.).

The Air filter is an accessory: In this way, the client can choose an air
filter section between the ones available as accessories (see PFA - PFO - PFT - PGF), or an air intake grill with air filter, or an air filter in the intake duct.