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Fan Coils Units

Bi2 Fan Coil Units
Bi2 Fan Coil Units
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Fan Coil Units Bi2

The system terminal with a split personality

Bi2 is a unique, patented system terminal that serves a double purpose: it heats and it cools. In winter, it is a real heating unit that provides radiation and convection heat. In the summer, it is a powerful air conditioner that both cools and dehumidifies the air. Heat in the winter: without the dust and noise of a blower. Cooling in summer: a delightful breath of cool ventilated air with just the right degree of moisture. The result: full comfort all year round. And this is achieved with a single system terminal. Today, with the Bi2, the heater has now become a cooler. Simple and ingenious.

Radiated comfort in winter

Bi2 gives off its heat, yielding it to the environment, by radiation, just as radiators or the sun do: gently, effectively, naturally. It does not circulate dusts, dust mites, allergens or bacteria. It does not dry the air. And it works in utmost silence, an ever so important factor for living quarters at night. Then if you wish to quickly heat up a cold apartment, for example when opening up a vacation home in the mountains, Bi2 can be operated in ventilation mode. In this case, once the temperature setting has been reached, it automatically switches to radiating mode and then keeps the temperature constant. This guarantees great energy savings and absolute silence.



Ventilated comfort in summer

In the summer, the Bi2 is an air conditioner like few others. It brings the cool air you desire, keeps the temperature steady and dehumidifies the environment. And all this in utmost silence. The ventilation is always kept under control: there are no direct drafts since the cool air is not concentrated in a single place but is evenly distributed throughout the room to achieve great comfort.




Bi2: there’s no comparison!

Bi2 wins out over heaters


Bi2 wins out over convection heaters

Bi2 wins out over radiating panels

Design that is attractive all year round

Bi2 also has a revolutionary shape. It is ultra slim ― just 13 cm deep vs. the 20-25 cm of traditional convection heaters. It takes up very little space, which makes it suitable for installation in any interior, whether modern or traditional. Without interfering in any way with the interior décor, it can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted or set free-standing on the floor; in the latter case, it can be used with or without feet. The inconspicuous, elegant design of Bi2 is truly noteworthy, a timeless, enduring piece in your living or working environment. In addition, the soft forms free of any sharp edges make it particularly suitable for areas that host children and the elderly.




Easy to install, easy to clean

Whether on the floor, on the wall or on the ceiling (there are even some recessed models but obviously these are ventilation-only units without a radiating plate), these units are always easy to install, like any indoor air conditioning unit: just use the drilling template and adjustable brackets provided. When necessary, dismantling is equally easy.

Cleaning, too, is extremely easy. Take the air filters, for example: a special warning light goes on when they need to be cleaned. Just remove them from their slot and clean them with a vacuum cleaner or wash them in cool water. The same holds for the fan: unlike other convection heaters, it is easily accessible because it is located at the bottom. The only thing you need is a normal vacuum cleaner.




The secret lies in its heart
One of the marvels of the Bi2 with radiating plate is the special Calostat valve. When heating, this valve allows the hot water to move both into the heat exchange unit and into the radiating plate. Instead, when cooling, this same valve prevents the cold water from passing into the radiating plate, only allowing it to flow to the heat exchange unit.





Advanced electronic controls
Using the adequate kit of accessories, the Bi2 can be managed with advanced electronic logic. Besides the numerous automatic functions and remote controls, this ensures precise regulation of the temperature as well as flexible use and reduced consumption.



A complete range of models
The Bi2 terminal unit is truly complete. It comes in 3 versions, 5 power ratings and a full 25 models: 10 two-tone models with radiating plate, 10 two-tone models without radiating plate (convection heat models) and 5 recessed units. The units come in White and Silver (metallic silver grey).



A full range of accessories
Machine-side command kits:
-Independent PID electronic control kit
-Electromechanical speed selection kit

Remote control kits:
-Independent PID electronic control kit
-Wall-mounted control kit

Thermostat kits:
- Electromechanical wall thermostat with summer/winter selector
- Electromechanical wall thermostat with summer/winter and speed selectors
- Electronic recessed thermostat with summer/winter and speed selectors

Valve assembly kits:
- 2-way manual valve assembly kit
- 2-way hydraulic assembly kit with thermoelectric head
- 3-way hydraulic assembly kit with thermoelectric head

The 2- and 3-way hydraulic kits guarantee excellent balancing of the system and are managed with the Bi2 control system or similar commands.

Other accessories:
- Fan control kit for remote regulation
- Kit of White/Silver feet
- Plenum delivery system kit for SLI
- Outside rear cover kit